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India Leadership Conclave’s 9th Annual historic edition will debate the present state of affairs the nation is facing today with a dispassionate analysis of India’s progress since 71 years after independence, the India we know has made strong inroads globally as a country to reckon with.But back home,there are challenges.India’s biggest economic asset is fast turning into its most daunting challenge: hundreds of millions of young people. Two-thirds of India’s 1.2 billion people are below 35 years of age. That’s more than two times the total U.S. population. Unlike Japan, China and Europe, whose working-age populations have peaked, India’s is growing and is estimated to become the world’s largest. But the world’s second-most-populous country is struggling to tap this demographic dividend.We at India Leadership Conclave will attempt to scan the progress to prosperity & challenges into opportunities while listing the major agenda that india needs to address!

India would have a $5tn economy by 2025.Investing in India, travelling to India, manufacturing in India has become much easier than before.Data released by the International Monetary Fund in Davos suggest the Indian economy will grow 7.4 per cent in 2018, which would put it roughly on track to meet Mr Modi’s target.The Indian government recently loosened restrictions on foreign investment in some sectors of the economy, including real estate brokerage and retailing. But some of Mr Modi’s moves — notably the “demonitisation” that removed as much as one-third of India’s outstanding currency — caused significant disruption to business, blighting his claim to be an economic reformer.

India Leadership Conclave attempts to revisit the state of the affairs of the country in its 9th Annual successfully executed annual edition with a strong focus on fixing india’s fundamental flaws that are weakening indian economy. To me, if addressed well, india will be a nation to watch for & i second my thought with Prime Minister Modi that india will be the three most powerful nations in the world.

More than 400 industry leaders, diplomats, policy makers, social activists, business tycoons, rebel leaders are expected to attend the much awaited annual affair including delegates from the middle east, Europe & asean countries. The grand conclave ILC 2018 will also felicitate leaders & Companies for the remarkable performances for making india move, proud & prosper.


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